Letterpress Christmas Sack with Tartan Trim

  • $49.95

The hugely popular "Letterpress" hessian (also know as burlap or jute) Christmas sack is suitable for all ages and will give you and your children years of enjoyment.

Designed and printed by Harrow & Green in our studio in London, the sack is large enough to cater for even the most generous amount of Christmas presents as it measures a spacious 80cm x 50cm, and is finished with a high quality grosgrain ribbon and name label.

The sack also includes a high-quality Scottish-woven tartan created by Lochcarron, the oldest tartan manufacturer in Scotland. This particular tartan is best known for its links to the Hamilton clan.

The name appears in red block capitals in the centre of the design. Simply include the name in the space provided above when you order (up to 30 characters). By default our designers will place the first name on the top line in large text, and the middle name (if included) and last name (surname) on the bottom line in small text. If you'd like the layout different to this then please raise an 'order enquiry' after purchasing.