About Us

Harrow & Green -  who are we?

Harrow & Green UK is the creation of stylist Tanya Taylor and graphic designer Philip Taylor.  Founded in London, UK in 2011.  The US business is a differently owned entity and was opened in 2018.

We design, create and print premium products from design studios in London and Florida, USA. We have a passion for all things beautiful and this influences all our products, including traditional Christmas sacks and stockings Greetings Cards, Birthday Charms and much more.

We’re inspired by modern typography, old-style fonts, and the way text can be combined with original design to produce high quality and great-looking gifts.

All of our products are designed and printed in-house to guarantee quality, originality and integrity. Our Christmas sacks are a twist on the traditional Holiday stocking and all feature custom designs with the ability to personalize with a name of your choice.

In 2020 we were excited to announce our patent pending range of "Personalize at Home" Christmas Sacks and Stockings which is a direct result of our customers and retail partners wanting the same high quality product range but delivered quickly and without the need for specialist equipment.

Thank you for reading about us - we hope you enjoy looking around the website and finding some inspiration from our designs.

Harrow and Green USA